Product Feature: Plant Make Up

Plant Make Up

I stumbled upon Plant Make-Up a couple of months ago on Instagram. I was really intrigued about its bold statement that is 100% plant based. Aside from that, the packaging appears to be very whimsical and full of fun. Fast forward to a few more weeks and I was able to try and test four amazing products from this line.

Everything about Plant Make Up looks organic – the presentation, packaging and (most of all) the concoction looks like Mother Nature herself (with a help of some fairies) did it all. Products are stored either in glass jars or recycled paper materials. The artwork of the labels seems to be designed by hand. It is simple yet filled with fun. It does not try to look glamorous at all – it is as it is: Earthly – colorful, alive and vibrant.

Herbal Cleansing Oil
Chamomile Salve
Dreamy Balm
New Wave Balm

Herbal Cleansing Oil

This is an alternative way of cleansing the skin. I know that oil cleansers have been in the make-p & skincare alley for a long time and either you like it or you don’t. I am a big fan of oil cleansers and I cannot live without it. I have a combo skin but usually tend to be on the dry side especially during the cold season. I still use facial wash BUT when it comes to removing make up, I rely on oils.
This cleansing oil works pretty well.  It removes everything – foundation, eye shadow and even mascara.

To use: apply and massage on the skin. You really have to work it out – make sure you have a generous amount of the oil as well. Using a warm moist washcloth, wipe away until no residue of make-up is left on the skin. The oil breaks down the make-up, practically dissolving every bit of it.

This oil also has a beautiful calming scent of Chamomile. The scent is just mild and not overbearing.

New Wave Body Balm

If you are like me who always need a bottle of moisturizer in the purse then this product is definitely a must have item. It is like a giant Chapstick – only it is for the whole body. I use it to moisturize my elbows ( because I hate dry elbows), my knees, knuckles and cuticles. It melts like butter once in contact with the skin. It is very easy to apply and non-greasy too.

This balm is a mixture of purveyed certified organic extra virgin olive oil, argan oil, vitamin e oil, sea buckthorn oil, rosehip oil and shea butter. The scent is very natural – no floral or sweet scents emanating. It smells like its ingredients but that is not a problem – unless you despise the scent of the oils mentioned.

Dream Balm

This balm is unique because it does not contain any essential oils as a basis of its calming effect; instead it uses actual flowers and herbs to amplify up its efficacy.  Small, visible specs and pieces of flowers and herbs adorn the surface of the balm, giving a rustic fell to it.  

Notable ingredients includes: organic extra virgin olive, ethically wild crafted mugwort organic lavender, wild rose petals, organic chamomile flowers, vanilla bean and shea butter.

The balm is pretty mild. It honestly does not help me doze-off but it surely feels good when massaged on the hands, feet and even temples. It is very calming and pleasant to the senses.

Chamomile Salve
Packed in a beautiful thick blue glass jar, this chamomile based salve can be used as a moisturizer for dry and aging skin. The scent, of course, is chamomile – very calming and refreshing to the senses. If you like really sublime and soft scented perfume, then this salve can double as such. Note that this salve is not to be used on the lips. The oils in it can dry the lips. It is also not recommended for use during pregnancy.

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